A New Era for Scientology in Spain

The culmination of a 17-year trial in a total victory for the church of Scientology in Spain has been described, by the President of the Church of Scientology International, as a victory for all people of Spain to freely practice their religion, whatever it may be.

It also marks the beginning of a new era of expansion for the Scientology religion in Spain. To help you find out how much Scientology applied religious philosophy can help you accomplish your goals and live a better, happier life, the churches of Scientology of Spain in Madrid and Barcelona invite you to take a free personality test online. After filling out your answers, come in to get a personal consultation on how you can improve those factors in your life that are holding you back.

This service is also available at missions of the Church of Scientology in other cities of Spain.

You are cordially invited to attend Scientology Sunday Service, at any Scientology church or mission, or contact a member of a Scientology church from Spain to ask questions or find out more information.

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